Casual Strike Sews

Casual strike sews are offered to EVERYONE during any live pre order FBTM offers. I prefer to use this method as it has gained more attention and results than the standard '3 month term striker' position other brands offer.

However, some people are still a little confused about this position so I'd like to use this page to get into a little more detail and clear the air. If you still feel you have more questions after reading this, by all means please reach out to me!

ANYONE can purchase a casual strike sew. You do not have to be a business to participate. As long as you are able to create beautiful items, provide clear and crisp photos that are posted in a timely manner - than you are more than welcome to participate. ps. I love seeing new names pop up in my strike sews ;).

Back to the details. As you've seen when an upcoming pre order is close many different people will be posting images of products/items they've made using prints that are not yet available to buy. This is a casual strike sew position. It means that approximately 2 months beforehand they purchased a casual strike (or two).

For example:

- If you buy a strike sew in round 20 (4-6 weeks TAT)

- Fabric arrives with me approx when round 21 is open. I usually ship out within 48 hours.

-Therefore you will have approx 2 weeks to complete the strike sew for a round 22 pre order.

Casual strike sew's are only offered as Half Metre Strike or Per Metre Strike in a variety of bases and are strictly limited each round. I ask that you only purchase 1-2 each round to allow other shoppers the chance to strike sew, and to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many sews to do by the same date.

You are able to nominate a gender and give me an idea of what you plan on making within the listing note boxes, so I can try and choose a print appropriate for you, however you are not able to choose your strike sew prints.

These listings are heavily discounted in exchange for the photos and exposure you provide for me and my business. This is also an affordable way for you to venture into trying new bases, or have the excitement of a 'mystery print' arrive at your front door.

When you receive your strike it will come with a little card that explains my expectations, and also provides you with information about when that strike is going to be available for my customers and when your photos are due by. I do try and give you as much time as possible to get these done, without too much pressure. However there are times when postal delays may play a part in that.

If for any reason you are unable to provide photos when required, I just ask that you give me as much notice as possible. This way I can work on moving that print to another round or find alternate arrangements. I am a Mum of 2, wife and employee so know that there are always other things to consider. I am very understanding as long as the communication is open.

Strike sews are a great way to get out of your comfort zone in regards to bases and prints, but it also helps people see how different a print can look once made up, rather than a little tile on your screen. It's a super important part of my business and I am so grateful for all those who have striked for me even just once, or do so on a regular basis.

Trish x


 Canvas Strike   Canvas Strike
 PUL Nappy Cut Strike PUL Nappy Cut Strike
Cotton Ribbing Strike Cotton Ribbing Strike
Cotton Lycra Strike Cotton Lycra Strike