Designer Spotlights | Search By Designer

Fabric By TrishaMakes supports many artists/digital designers from all around the world and now you can begin searching FBTM prints by the designer!

If I can find a social media account / website for each designer I will include them on this page. Please note that many FB groups require you to answer a few different questions to gain access.


Beauty Bee Branding - Beauty Bee Branding + FBTM

Bennas Creations VIP - Bennas Creations + FBTM

Boho Babes Graphics FB Group - Boho Babes Graphics + FBTM 

Crafty Buzzing Bee - Crafty Buzzing Bee + FBTM

CS Designing FB Group - CS Designing + FBTM

Darling Bee Boutique Seamless Patterns - Darling Bee Boutique + FBTM

Kosso Design - Kosso Design + FBTM 

Shunkey's Designs FB Group - Shunkey's Designs + FBTM

Smiles With Grace FB Group - Smiles With Grace + FBTM

Stitch Stash Stuff Designs FB Group - Stitch Stash Stuff Designs + FBTM

Tatra Cottage Designs FB Page - Tatra Cottage Designs + FBTM

The My Oh My Designs FB Group - The My Oh My Designs + FBTM

Tiny Space Craft Shop FB Group - Tiny Space Craft Shop + FBTM

TrishaMakesArt FB Group - TrishaMakesArt + FBTM

ZootyLala - ZootyLala + FBTM